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LDPE Stretch Film & PVC Wrap Film   LDPE Shrink Film, PVC Shrink &
POF Shrink Film
  LDPE , HDPE , PP & BOPP Film & Bag
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Shopping Bag   Header Bag & Magazine / Envelope Bag   Courier Bag / Security Bag /
Packing List Bag
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Ziplock Bag   Lamination Bag   Trash Bag
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EPE Foam & Air Bubble Pak   Other Packaging / Disposable Products    
HDPE Handglove
High Density Polythene(HDPE) Gloves are the most economical of the disposable gloves. They are used for protect hands from skin-irritating tasks, and keep foods away from germs, perspiration , and skin oils. They are thin for extra sensitivity and economy.

100pcs x 10 boxes x 1 Ctn

Disposable Cutlery Products
Disposable containers are commonly used for take-away meals  and are usually made of plastic materials such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), polypropylene (PP), etc. To ensure food safety, the containers must protect the food from contamination and must not transfer to the food any harmful substance in an amount that may endanger health. In additional, the appropriate type of plastic containers should be chosen for food of interest.
Disposable Cutlery Products
A disposable products is a product designed for cheapness and short-term convenience rather than medium to long-term durabilty, with most products only intended for single use.
Disposable Paper Cup
A paper cup is a cup made out of paper and often lined with plastic or wax to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. It may be made of recycled paper and is widely use around the world.
Disposable Paper Bag
Paper bag is a preformed container made of paper, usually with an opening on one side. It can be one layer of paper or multiple layers of paper and other flexible materials. Paper bags are readily recyclable.